b) The Berry Apartment

The following photos are of the apartment taken by Neil Berry and family, and it is where they and the family of Raj Balu dined on the evening that Madeleine went missing. Dining on the balcony, they’d have had a good view of any comings and goings in the car park in front of them (including the lane opposite – the most direct route to the beach), and of the some of Rua Dr Francisco Gentil Martins between the entrance to the Ocean Club and the McCanns’ apartment. (It’s also been suggested that, looking north, they’d have been able to see movement along Rua Dr. Agostinho Da Silva – between the McCanns’ apartment and the house of Robert Murat, but whilst it is possible, I think it unlikely they’d have seen anything.)

An interesting thing about Mr Berry and Mr Balu is that their first statements are some of the few not included in the files released by the Portuguese police in 2008, though these statements are referred to in their subsequent rogatory statements.

The Berry apartment is the leftmost (i.e. in the eastern end of the block) in the first photo. I believe it’s the topmost apartment but will have to check.

The view of the Berry apartment from Rua Dr Agostinho Da Silva, looking south. The Berry apartment is top or middle left.

Looking east from Rua Dr Francisco Gentil Martins with the Berry Apartment in the distance.

The same view from few steps down the hill.

The car park in front of the Berry apartment. The quickest route to the beach is on the right.

The path in front of the Berry apartment.

The path below the east side of the Berry apartment.