c) The Route to the Beach

The photos below show the quickest route to the beach from the McCanns’ apartment, and incidentally to the creche.

The view from the “Berry car park” looking back to the McCanns’ apartment.

Looking down the path from the “Berry car park”.

Looking back towards the path.

The path continues.

The path ends and the view south to Rua Direita.

Looking back from Rua Direita towards the Barroca Restaurant. (The creche and Mark Warner reception is just to the right of the photo.)

Looking south east along Rua da Boa Pesca.

Looking east along Rua da Boa Pesca.

The gap in the wall down to Rua do Poco.

Looking back along Rua do Poco.

Almost there. The road down to the promenade and the beach.