Jeronimo Salcedas Statements

The following is a comparison of two statements made by barman Jeronimo Tomas Rodrigues Salcedas, the first made on 6th May, 2007 and second on 23rd April, 2008.

Joes Statements

Whilst the two statements disagree with the time this all happened, the sequence of events is clear :-

  1. Jeronimo Salcedas was working in the Tapas Bar on the evening Madeleine went missing.
  2. He noticed that the table where the group had been sitting was empty apart from Dianne Webster.
  3. He spoke to her and she said they’d gone to look for Madeleine.
  4. Then Gerry, Madeleine’s father, appeared, looking for her.
  5. He then spoke to other staff informing them of Madeleine’s disappearance.
  6. Outside the Tapas Bar he noticed other staff looking for Madeleine.
  7. He also heard a scream that may have been Madeleine’s mother.

From “The Maddie Case Files” forum, translations by Albym, Astro and Ines :-

Statement of 6th May, 2007

Statement of 23rd April, 2008


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