A Man on a Mission

At around the time that Kate McCann was raising the alarm about Madeleine’s disappearance, so there was an encounter between a family heading home after an evening out and a man carrying a child. This man (“Smithman”) has never been identified leading to much discussion about whether it was an abductor or whether it was Gerry McCann (as one of the family thinks it was). What seems to have received less attention is where this person was actually going.

Assuming that they didn’t just jump in a car and head out of town (unlikely, given the fact they’d already carried the child 430 metres), Where’s Smithman Going? sets out the 5 possibilities of where this person may have been heading and assesses the likelihood of each.


One for the graphologists

“Mark Warner has a standard procedure, signing a sheet whenever a parent delivers a child to the care of the club, which they sign again with their name and the time at which the child was picked up again.” – Catriona Baker, rogatory statement of 14th of April, 2008

I’ve seen it suggested that Madeleine may have died before May 3rd. I’ve also seen it suggested that she was signed into the Lobsters play group that Thursday by someone other than Kate or Gerry McCann who might have been bringing their own child …. or at least that’s what I think was suggested.

Anyway, it’s not what I believe, but as part of the discussion, I did copy-and-paste the McCanns’ signatures from the creche records so they could be compared side-by-side. And they’re published here in Creche Records for Madeleine.