Coincidence or what?


In her book “madeleine”, Kate McCann wrote the following :-

“As a lawyer once said to me, apropos another matter, ‘One coincidence, two coincidences – maybe they’re still coincidences. Any more than that and it stops being coincidence.’”

Kate’s Koincidences lists several more coincidences she may not have considered. (And as I’m sure there are more out there, I’ll be adding them to the page as I come across them.)

Did I read that right?

Did I read that right?

Madeleine: Our daughter’s disappearance and the continuing search for her – Kate McCann

In April 2011, Kate McCann published her book “madeleine” – a book written “to give an account of the truth”. Madeleine – Discrepancies and Observations lists several instances where Kate’s account differs from those given by others. I’ll leave the reader to decide whose is correct.

One for the graphologists

“Mark Warner has a standard procedure, signing a sheet whenever a parent delivers a child to the care of the club, which they sign again with their name and the time at which the child was picked up again.” – Catriona Baker, rogatory statement of 14th of April, 2008

I’ve seen it suggested that Madeleine may have died before May 3rd. I’ve also seen it suggested that she was signed into the Lobsters play group that Thursday by someone other than Kate or Gerry McCann who might have been bringing their own child …. or at least that’s what I think was suggested.

Anyway, it’s not what I believe, but as part of the discussion, I did copy-and-paste the McCanns’ signatures from the creche records so they could be compared side-by-side. And they’re published here in Creche Records for Madeleine.

Start spreading the news

“At around 10pm, the witness went to check on the children.” – Witness statement of Kate Marie Healy, on the 4th of May 2007, at 2.20 p.m.

And so it began.

Shortly after, Kate discovered that Madeleine was missing and soon after that, set off a chain reaction whereby news of Madeleine’s disappearance was spread through Praia da Luz and wider.

Start Spreading the News shows diagrammatically how word of the disappearance spread through Praia da Luz. Using various accounts from the PJ’s files detailing who told who at what time, a picture has been built up of the way the alert emanated from the apartment and the Tapas Bar to Mark Warner staff and management, and eventually to the GNR.

As well as being a timeline of how word was communicated, the diagram could provide the basis for a timeline of the events immediately following Kate’s discovery of Madeleine’s disappearance.

Were Tannerman and Smithman the same?

“Every time I read these independent statements in the files (and neither could have been influenced by the other, remember – Jane’s description had not been released to the public before the Irish witnesses made their statements), I am staggered by how alike they are, almost identical in parts.” – Kate McCann in her book “madeleine”

Yeah, I know the question is now redundant since Operation Grange identified the person described by Jane Tanner as an Ocean Club parent carrying their child to the creche (hence “Crecheman”), but it does still show the lengths taken to suggest that Tannerman and Smithman were one and the same.

Tannerman and Smithman – Compare and contrast shows how alike and dissimilar the descriptions of Tannerman and Smithman were.