On your marks – Get set – Go!

“The timing and location [of the Smith Sighting] speak for themselves.” – DCI Redwood of Operation Grange referring to the time of the Smith Sighting being around the same as the moment Madeleine’s disappearance was discovered, as reported by the McCanns.

I went to Praia da Luz at the end of February for a week, and whilst there, thought it a good idea to take some timings between various places. All were done on foot, carrying just a camera bag, and five are shown on Praia da Luz Timings . The obvious one was between the McCanns’ apartment and the Smith Sighting. Also to test a theory, timings were then taken between the Smith Sighting and Rocha Negra and back to McCanns’ apartment. And finally, timings were taken between the Mirage Restaurant and the central reception and then to the McCanns’ apartment (I can see Mark Warner staff taking this route after word of the disappearance had gone out).

Timings were taken on an iPhone running the Endomondo Sports Tracker app.


Were Tannerman and Smithman the same?

“Every time I read these independent statements in the files (and neither could have been influenced by the other, remember – Jane’s description had not been released to the public before the Irish witnesses made their statements), I am staggered by how alike they are, almost identical in parts.” – Kate McCann in her book “madeleine”

Yeah, I know the question is now redundant since Operation Grange identified the person described by Jane Tanner as an Ocean Club parent carrying their child to the creche (hence “Crecheman”), but it does still show the lengths taken to suggest that Tannerman and Smithman were one and the same.

Tannerman and Smithman – Compare and contrast shows how alike and dissimilar the descriptions of Tannerman and Smithman were.